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Home pampering

Woman having spray tanCut out the Salon – I come to you. Luxurious spray tanning service in the comfort of your familiar surroundings. Own home, own bath robe, own bed. Simply shower in the morning and everything’s done.

Sienna-X lotions have no unpleasant odour. They also come in a subtle range of colour intensity; so that you can choose the very best tan for your skin type from lightly bronzed (6%) to deep golden tan (12%). There is also a 16% which can be used on black skin to give an even colour or be used for competitions, such as dance, bodybuilding or theatre.

See Sienna-X for pre- and post-tanning core products, it gives you the very best results.

Before Your Tanning Treatment


  • have a patch test (by me, Ros) at least 24 hours before having your spray tan. This can be arranged when you call to book your appointment.
  • exfoliate the night before, paying particular attention to your dry areas such as knees and elbows (I recommend Sienna X Polishing Body Scrub).
  • remove any unwanted hair 48 hours before your treatment
  • remove contact lenses if you wear them


  • moisturise or use deodorants or perfumes immediately before your tanning session.
  • have hair removed by waxing, electrolysis or laser, or have dermabrasion treatments 48 hours before your tan
  • have a Botox treatment (24 hours before the session)

After Your Tanning Treatment


  • leave your tan to develop for eight to ten hours
  • shower until the water runs clear – gently patting yourself dry (I recommend you using Sienna X Balance Body Wash)
  • avoid exercise, perspiring or getting wet during the development time
  • moisturise daily to enhance your tan and prolong your colour (I recommend Sienna X Radiance Body Balm)
  • start to exfoliate four days after your tan – to encourage even fading (I recommend Sienna X Polishing Body Scrub).