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Hi, Ros here – your spray-tanning therapist. I would like to tell you a little bit about myself so that you can get to know about me before you invite me into your home. Spray tans were not invented when I started my career as a beauty therapist, thirty five years ago. Yes, that’s right I’m fifty two, but like most ladies of my age I still like to keep up with the trends and make the best of myself. I have two sons in their early twenties and they also keep me young.

After many interesting years in the hospitality industry I had a life-change in my mid-forties, and went back to my first love of beauty therapy. Lots had changed, and I became particularly interested in the wonders of spray tanning. I was first introduced to Sienna X when I was due to go on a much need holiday to Greece – with my good friend, Sarah. Sarah has the skin that turns a deep golden brown when exposed to smallest amount of sunlight. Me on the other hand have the skin of a redhead; very fair, and burns with the first sign of the sun. In my younger days, when we didn’t realise how much damage the sun could do to your skin, I would spend many a holiday in discomfort resulting in a lobster-red skin, peeling, very unsightly and no tan as a result.

I soon realised that exposing myself to the sun not only put me at risk of skin cancer but it also speeded up the ageing process dramatically – both of which I wanted to avoid at all costs.

Not wanting to arrive on holiday like a milk bottle, I booked in for my fist every Sienna X spray tan. As a beauty professional I had done my research very thoroughly – and had become convinced that Sienna X produced the best quality products on the market. What I hadn’t quite prepared myself for was how effective and impressive the result would be. In matter of just eight hours I had a beautifully bronzed body, without any of the health risks – and with absolutely none the orange horrors, streaks and blotches that I remember seeing on my mum’s legs and ankles (not a good look, even in 1970s!).

So, off I went on to Greece with the confidence to sunbathe in my bikini, next Sarah, on the first day of our holiday – making certain that I protected my skin with a high-factor sun block during the day, and a moisturising cream in the evening.

I felt wonderfully healthy with my new found Sienna X tan enhancing my summer clothes. From this point I was hooked, and wanted to share my tanning secret with all of my friends.

When I returned from Greece I immediately enrolled at the Sienna X Training Academy, Marble Arch, London – and became one of their accredited tanning therapist. I haven’t looked back.

I called my spray tanning company “Helianthus” – the Greek word for sunflower – to remind me of where it all began.