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Sienna X

The perfect spray tanning product

I use only top of the range, premium products – supplied by spray tanning experts, Sienna X. All Sienna X tanning lotions, pre-tan treatments and after care formulas contain carefully blended ingredients of the very best kind – designed to enhance the colour, beauty and longevity of your tan. My luxury extras are of the same high quality.

Tanning Lotions

Sienna X spray tanning lotions are the perfect product to give you a wonderful tanned appearance – without the damaging effects of sunlight. The lotions are made from the very best quality ingredients, carefully blended to offer real results, to improve skin health, tone, look. This means that with Sienna X you get more than just a sunless tan. With the unique formulation of our tanning lotions you also get a deep, therapeutic, moisturising of your entire body.

The lotions combine Q10 (an anti-aging co-enzyme) with Aloe Vera, vitamin E & A, organic avocado and a refreshing citrus fragrance.

These quick-drying, naturally active ingredients give an instant, youthful-looking glow to your skin – while the full eight hour colour development occurs. Unlike many other spray tanning products, Sienna X lotions have no unpleasant odour. They also come in a subtle range of colour intensity – so that you can choose the very best effect for your skin type. Lightly bronzed to deep, golden tan.


For best results before your tan I recommend that you use the Sienna X Polishing Body Scrub; a creamy, light-weight lemon grass and ginger scrub (with shea butter and coco butter). It removes dead skins and body oils allowing the skin surface to be thoroughly cleansed and left in the very best condition for your sunless tan application. It also ensures that your tan effect will last as long as possible.

After Care

Once your tan has developed fully (eight to ten hours) I recommend you shower using Sienna X Balance Body Wash. Fabulously rich and moisturising this ultra-mild gel won’t strip away your sunless tan. It has silk protein to help retain moisture, and is gentle enough to use directly on your face as well as your body. Radiance Body Balm is a great daily moisturiser to enhance your sunless tan and prolong its colour.

Luxury Extras

Gradual Glowing Self Tan

A luxurious moisturiser to gradually build up a natural sun-kissed looked. Excellent to take with you on holiday.

Dark Glowing Self Tan

Gives a streak-free instant colour, which can be repeated, daily, for a darker look.

Instant Bronzing Gel

A simple to apply and wash-off tan. Terrific for when you suddenly need to make an impact.

Express Tanning Mist

A gorgeous instant colour, that develops into a deeper darker tan in two to four hours. Best used on the face and hands.

Shimmer Spray

A fine shimmer, silver or gold, to add a touch of extra glamour for a glitzy night on the town.

Q10 Bronzing Mouse

An easy to use mouse, bursting with gorgeous ingredients, that leaves your skin feeling nourished and silky-soft. Also protects against signs of aging.