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Spray tanning safety

Safety is extremely important to everything I do as a tanning expert. It is essential, then, that you read and consider the points below. If you have any questions at all, please be certain to raise them with me.

Consultation & Patch Test

You will need to complete a consultation with me before any spray tanning session. This will include a patch test on your skin, which must be done 24hrs before your tan. I will cover everything at your consultation, but here are some things that you should be thinking about before coming along.


Pregnancy & hormone therapy

Are you preghant? It made seem obvious, but this really is something you need to tell me about since it might mean that you can’t have a spray tan. HRT and other related medication can interfere with the effectiveness of a spray tan.


Clients with asthma and other respiratory problems should consult their doctor before having a spray tan (I will need written consent from your GP before I can offer you a treatment).

Recent skin treatments & complaints

If you have had a heat or treatments immediately before a spray tan then I won’t be able to carry out the session (waxing, electrolysis, dermabrasion, laser treatment etc).

Botox, fillers and any other recent cosmetic procedures make it unlikely that you will be able to have a spray tan – as will open wounds, acne, eczema, psoriasis or other skin diseases.

Piercings or tattoos must be fully healed before any spray tanning treatment.

Spray tanning cannot be applied to skin made pale as a result of a medical condition (eg, vitiligo).


If you are undergoing treatment for cancer (or even have any undiagnosed lumps and bumps) then I will be unable to offer you a spray tan. Although DHA is a suger, diabetics can have a tan as long as they are following their recommended treatments (and have no open cuts).


All clients will have to undergo a patch test before tanning. If this test reveals any allergies or particular skin sensitivities and spray tan will not be given. Some of the lotions used in spray tanning may contain traces of nut.

If you have a nut allergy it is essential, then, that you tell me about it before a spray tan session.